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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

43 engineers killed in the mine blast in Libya

At least 43 engineers were killed and 27 wounded in the land mine blast in Libya's eastern Benghazi city. Libyan military spokesman Al Awami said in a statement yesterday (Monday) confirmed the news. 

According to Libyan news agency Lana, 19 civilians were killed in Benghazi mine blast in the last 10 days as well as 19 people. Military and civilians are being killed in a mine explosion to get terrorists. He said that most of the people killed in mine blasts in Benghazi on the Darnah road are traders and shop owners. 

Al-Awami warned civilians of Al Hut market area to return to their homes, saying that no one should be allowed to return home until the area is declared unclaimed. 

-IRIB News Now / SAMM

Divorce ignores wife's text message

picture credit; google 

Have you ever skipped the text message your husband or wife has sent? So be careful now, it may be used against you in court. 

In Taiwan, a woman has been given permission to divorce - because the text message has been read, using that indicator, she was proving her husband was ignoring him. With the help of that special type of app, her husband opened the message, but no one needed to answer. 

At the beginning of this month, the court judge gave the verdict in favor of his wife. This method is called blue-ticking, which implies that a message sent on a smartphone has been read. 

The idea is born from social media apps like WhatsApp or Line. Judge of the Family Court of Shinchu District of Taiwan said, In the way the text messages are ignored, there is no clear place for this marriage and repairs. 

Lynn's wife had sent many messages to her husband for six months. Once sent to the hospital after being admitted to the hospital due to a car accident. In a message he also wrote this saying he was admitted to the Emergency - and why is not his husband responding to a message? 

Her husband once visited him in the hospital. But then he started to ignore the messages sent by his wife again. The couple were married since 2012. The husband, however, will get the opportunity to appeal in court against the verdict of divorce. - BBC 

News Now / SMS Having sent the message after being hospitalized. In a message he also wrote this saying he was admitted to the Emergency - and why is not his husband responding to a message? Her husband once visited him in the hospital. But then he started to ignore the messages sent by his wife again. The couple were married since 2012. The husband, however, will get the opportunity to appeal in court against the verdict of divorce. - BBC News Now / SMS Having sent the message after being hospitalized. In a message he also wrote this saying he was admitted to the Emergency - and why is not his husband responding to a message? Her husband once visited him in the hospital. But then he started to ignore the messages sent by his wife again. The couple were married since 2012. The husband, however, will get the opportunity to appeal in court against the verdict of divorce. - BBC News Now / SMS Was married to. The husband, however, will get the opportunity to appeal in court against the verdict of divorce. - BBC News Now / SMS Was married to. The husband, however, will get the opportunity to appeal in court against the verdict of divorce. - BBC News Now / SMS

Saturday, July 15, 2017



Big investment in artificial intelligence, Taiwan

Taiwan government is going to invest a lot in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
The country has plans to spend $ 32.73 million per year in the AI ​​research center for five years, according to Reuters reports.
It is believed that Taiwan is keen to bring technology institutions to the developed sector through this investment.
In this regard, the country's science and technology minister Liang-chi Chen said, "Ai is important in Taiwan for semiconductor organization. Now they have the opportunity to enter the AI ​​world and Taiwan will have to use that opportunity only. "
Already Chinese companies such as Baidu have invested in AI applications. In the future, Taiwan will be supplying technology to such organizations.
The report also says Taiwan will create three to four innovations. They also have the desire to work with local and domestic technology organizations. There are also Nvidia corporations in Taiwan's preferred list. An Nvidia is one of the leading companies in the production of AI chips.
This investment in the AI ​​sector will attract foreign meritorious researchers and engineers also said Chen-bdnews

Another cyber attack threat!

Wednesday: Friday after a massive cyber-attack around the world will soon be a major cyber attack, said experts.
On Friday, more than 100,000 computer systems were attacked by cyber attacks.
A UK security researcher, known as 'malware tech', who weirdly helped to combat 'ransomware' on computers, warns "Another cyber attack is coming ... probably on Monday."
Spain, France, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Russia, and cyberattacks have taken place in a hundred countries in the world, 'RanmaSware' spread to different organizations in those countries, which control computer user files. To get control of the computer, digital currency 'bit coins' is sought for $ 300.
Many countries, such as health, telecom or communication, are important sectors of this attack.
The UK National Health Service, especially in the face of major attacks. Emergency medical services are to be stopped in the country's hospital. At least 48 systems of the National Health Service are victims of this attack.
UK Home Minister Amber Rudd on Saturday said he had restored six systems of National Health Service, but he said there is a lot to do to keep the computer free of viruses.
Spain's telecom and fuel companies, the US distribution company FedEx also suffered from this cyber attack.
BBC's technology correspondent Joey Kleinman said, "Ransomware" is a kind of malware or virus that takes control of the computer and prevents users from accessing it. Many times the hard disk parts or files passwords are obscure. After that, ransom or money was demanded to return control of that computer. Such malware like 'trojan virus' may spread from one computer to another.
The BBC has analyzed some computer data from the ransomware that has been called 'Wanakrai' and 'Variant' - at least 22 thousand and eight pounds have been deposited in the accounts of hackers.
The 'Malware Tech' pseudonym is a UK security researcher who unknowingly captured the cyber attack and became 'strange hero'. He spent nearly £ 8 on the global cyber attack.
However, it was not possible to restrain the spread of the Ransomware attack, but the computer and network that was infected with the virus could not be restored.
The 22-year-old man told the BBC - "All of a sudden, everyone needs to do 'security patches' on their computer systems.
"These attacks have been stopped, but another cyber attack is near and we probably will not be able to prevent it."
"It involves huge amounts of money, there is no reason why they will not do that. It will not be very difficult for hackers to attack again by changing the code."
"There is a possibility of a cyber attack again, but this weekend may happen this morning," he said. - BBC Bangla

'RanmaSware', 'Wanakrai'

the world's 150 countries and nearly two lakh people in the name of the organization oyanakrai computer hacker with a virus attack - What is it actually?
Oneacre is a malware - a harmful software that can be encrypted or stored on a computer by 'encrypting' or 'stops it.' It's like this - like entering a house, another person broke all the lock-keys and put a new lock key.
The original user of the computer will not be able to access it anywhere on his computer. Hackers demand money as a kind of 'ransom' to restore that access. That's why it says 'ransomware.'
But how was this oneakray? It is said to be spread through a kind of computer brother Rashar, known as 'worm'.
The difference with other software is that it itself can move itself into a network itself. Once Wanakra enters an organization, it automatically detects unprotected computers and transmits it.
'US Yoga'
It is believed that it was made by utilizing a virus found in the United States National Security Agency.
Somehow the virus was leaked information. After that some experts said that this information leak will soon be detected by 'automatic' Ranma virus.
The incident occurred around the world after a cyber attack.
Who made it?
Wanakra has made someone still nobody knows. However, various types of ransomware are popular among cyber-criminals and information-thieves - which can be used to capture money by stopping computer data.

It deals with Bitcoin - because it is very difficult to find out who is giving money to anyone, because of this.
The cyber criminals have intense competition in how these ransomware can be 'advanced' and effective. In this 'research' someone created this new malware.
It is possible to prevent anti-virus software, but no security is 100 percent safe. - BBC Bangla

Facebook offers the opportunity to sell products among friends

 About 450 million people enter Facebook every month in retail groups on Facebook. Keeping this demand in mind, it has launched a whole tab on Facebook, where Facebook friends can sell products in one go.
Under the new 'Facebook Marketplace' service, a Facebook user will be able to buy another Facebook user's product in his neighborhood. For this, however, the interested user will need to publish pictures of his product and brief information along with the possible origin. If you like it, you can buy it on the basis of 'Adhake' through messenger.
In this way, the convenience of the seller is that buyers and sellers are financially aware of each other, because they both have to have a profile on Facebook. And if the people living in nearby areas are selling, other accessories will cost less or will not be said. Overall, both the buyer and the seller will have the opportunity of rating on a sale. The transparency will also be ensured.
Bay is currently providing mobile services in the United States, UK, Australia, and New Zealand to Facebook. However, the feature can be found in the whole world and on the internet website. The extent of this service will depend on the results of the test version of Facebook running in four countries. The expected response is to increase the range of Facebook Marketplace.
Someone can ask, what will be the benefit of Facebook with the chance to get access to users? Although the issue is not clear yet, the way Facebook has added it in the app seriously, it is clear that there are big plans for the company. It could be that a user can advertise on Facebook or promote a product to get a good buyer of his product. And it is possible for Facebook to get profits as well.
It is to be noted that Facebook has tried to promote product marketing among locals by marketplace multiple times. But those efforts did not succeed at all. So, it will be worth seeing how successful this initiative will be. Source: Deutsche Welle. 

Silent mode is lost in the mobile, you will find this easy technique!

 It can be any time that you have kept your mobile phone silent for some reason, at that time suddenly you can not find the mobile. Generally the easiest way to find the phone is to dial your number from any other phone, if it is lost somewhere on the mobile phone. When you start playing the sound then the sound of the phone will easily find you the mobile. But if the phone is in Silent mode then this strategy will not be implemented. How to find the lost mobile in that situation? Know, tactics
1. Go to Google's website from any other mobile or computer first.
2. Enter 'Find My Phone' in the search bar.
3. After that sign in to Google account or Gmail account.
4. You will see your mobile location in Google.
5. After that you will have an option, which allows you to 'on' your Android's Android Device Manager.
6. Select this time ring option.
7. While your phone is in Silent mode, it will begin to ring in full volume. And as long as you find out the phone and pressing its power button, the phone will remain in the ring. At that time the voice
Following the phone is no problem.
In this same way you can find your lost Android tab. But one thing you have to be careful about. That is, you must be signed in to your Google Account from your device. Otherwise losing mobile phone will not be found in this system.

Where is the light coming out of diamond?

Thousands, millions of diamonds! His light goes out 
But coming out of our blue planet from where the body phumre First available thikarono light of the diamonds? 
From today 24 years ago, the rugged diamond saw the light of the first saw Carl Sagan saw the first light But the mystery of this ghostly light could not be penetrated so long. Not known, it is not understood, where is it coming from the world? 
From the sea? From the peaks of high mountain peaks? Or thikarono light coming out of the diamonds on the surface a lot of atmosphere lerai an unknown, From strangers? 
A few days ago the secret of this ghostly light, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration under NASA's (NOAA) satellite was of "Deep Space Climate Observatory (Discovery). The sub-planet was sent to space in 2015. Sub-planet sending pictures and data analysis ultimately were reported, the surface lot on the atmosphere of much of the upper-level clouds hovering over very shiny ice kelasai on the sunlight rejected (reflection) of the diamonds thikarono "spooky" light coming out of the World 'Blown'! If you look from the sky, it seems impossible. The study paper has been published on May 15 of the International Journal of Geophysical Research Letters. 
The spectacular light
satellite 'Discovered' from the spacecraft has been watching the clock for an hour every hour since 2015. The spooky light has been found. From the different positions between the Earth and the Sun. 
The spectacular light first saw the 'Galileo' spacecraft in 1993. His destination was the orbit of Jupiter. On the way, he turned his eyes towards this blue planet several times. And then, Galileo was caught in the eye of the scurry of diamond, the light of the right. In his research article, published in the International Science-Journal 'Nature', in the 93th chapter of the study, Carl Sagan wrote, "From the place that the light is coming out, It is in the blue sea. The water is like a mirror, the light is giving way. 
The light is not coming out of the Earth's surface. " At the same time, it seemed like the same 'Discovery' satellite deputy projectist Alexander Martyr. 
In reply to an email sent by Anandabazar, Marakh wrote in an e-mail, "I first thought that the light was coming out of the blue sea level. In front of the satellite camera, the light is becoming the light of 'flash bulbs'! But after examining the pictures of satellites better, I see that the sea is not only from the surface, but also from the surface of the earth. " 
So Merkhar felt that perhaps the light from the sun's light was reflected in the way. But if that happens then it is possible to get out of the little space of the world in the light of the light. 
However, 'Discover' satellites have seen, That light is coming out of various parts of the world. Occasionally coming, not so. The 'Discover' satellite has seen it at least 866 times a year. 
There is no huge lake spread everywhere in all parts of the world. Where is the light coming out of the bar in such a way? 
Then the question comes to the researchers. What is the glow of ice in the atmosphere? 
The light of the diamond! 
Dhubjyoti Mukhopadhyay, Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Maryland, one of the members of the 'Discovery' project, says, "It can only be possible, If the angular position between the Earth and the Sun becomes equally equal, the Earth and the angular position between the 'Discovery' satellite camera. The only way to get rid of ice clutches in the atmosphere is to go directly to the satellite. 
And then it can be seen that the light of the diamond is right! " After all, researchers from all over the mepopup saw, right in the clock. 
The angle between the earth and the sun, and the angle between the earth and the satellite's camera is completely aligned, only then can it be seen coming out of the earth that cunning light? 
Vishnu Reddy, professor of astronomy at the Colonel University, says, "Researchers have also found that whenever the diamonds from the earth have been exposed to the light in the right direction, then the surface has been thin, 
The high altitude cloud is clouded by the atmosphere at the outer layer of the troposphere of the area. " Scientists had already known that Cyrus scattered almost everywhere in the cloud, large, large ice celestial crystals. From this, scientists can understand that the color of the ice is coming out of the blackness of ice, they are not coming from the mountain peaks in the ice. They also include the Cyrus Cloudide, which is completely out of the troposphere. 
The original researcher Alexander Merchak says, "We also understand that the ice castle in the state of Cyrus Cloud is in parallel to the soil or the surface of the Earth. They are not vertical or vertical. Because, If there is parallel to the ground, the sunlight will be more likely to reflect the light of the ice kelassas. 
To get a lot more reflected, the sunlight will get more space on the ice capsules . "The ice kelasses were steeped in the trunk of the airplane while they sat on the trumposphere and did not get enough chance to reflect on it. As a result, the light from the sky did not require much magic. 

There are 5 ways to become popular on YouTube

You can also be a YouTube Star

In the age of Internet and social media, how you present yourself is a very important issue.
There are many people in different countries of the world who are quite popular in internet-based media. Let's talk about YouTube in this regard.
There are many people whose videos are watching hundreds of thousands or millions of people on YouTube. They are known to viewers as YouTube Star.
How did they become a YouTube Star? Why are thousands of people watching their videos on the internet? If you want to be a YouTube Star?
Many of these questions are answered today.
America's Youtube Star Justin Escalona thinks that you can become a YouTube Star.
This young man living in Chicago has provided a number of ways through which you can become popular on YouTube.
Firstly, he traveled throughout America to make videos on YouTube. The first one and a half year he has gone everywhere he has done video and uploaded it to youtube.
Second: Before you go to create a video you need to think - why are you trying to do this?
If you think you just did it for fun, then it is better not to do that. We have to decide whether people will have interest in this matter.
Thirdly: The video that you decide to do is different from others. It will be a matter of concern. Because there are thousands of videos on YouTube.
If you can not do something exceptional, the audience will not be attracted to it.
Fourthly: Just do not have to do video. Keep track of whether the video is quality or not.
Edit video well. Then it needs to be uploaded. People will not see any kind of video.
Fifth: Do not be afraid to start video on YouTube. You may think that you do not have expensive video cameras, no good equipment.
The video is not popular only if it is a good tool. Your mobile phone camera may be your property.
Whether you have a good idea for video-it's most important. If you are doing something that is funny or important, then it will attract visitors.
Videos need to be created in such a way that viewers can connect themselves to them. Visitors think you're one of them.
Visitors must integrate their daily lives with their own life. It is better not to try to get popularity by creating fake or false videos. Take the important and interesting things about your daily life.
That's the way you can be a YouTube Star. So start today.BBC Bangla

What is the way to get rid of mobile phones?

Disconcerting or disrupting phone sets will cause environmental damage

Mobile phone usage in Bangladesh has been in the last two decades. As the number of such users is increasing every year, the new mobile set is coming in the hands of consumers. But the number of old, canceled or lost mobile sets is also increasing with the scales.
However, these canceled phones can be very risky for environment and human health.
What is the speed of the phone?
There are now around 15 million mobile phone users in Bangladesh And about three million mobile phones are being imported every year. The number of canceled phones is also increasing at the same time. But what is the speed of these phones? I asked some residents of Dhaka.
One was saying, where he kept his old phone, and I do not remember.

A private company called asso is saying that e-waste is increasing day by day using mobile phones
Another said, after the phone was damaged, the boy gave it as a toy. One says that the phone was in the drawers for a while after buying a new phone. Throwing the battery after it's damaged.
The concerned people say the life expectancy of each phone is two years old. Low-cost phones have fewer life span.
After research on e-waste, Shahriar Hussain, technical adviser of a private company named Asdo, says that if three million phones are imported annually, then it will be assumed that the same number of phones are being canceled. And these canceled phones are creating serious threats for the environment.
Asda officer Shahriar Hussain said that the amount of e-waste from the mobile phone was created two to three years ago, but now it has doubled. Our research says that two lakh metric tons of e-waste are produced every year in Bangladesh. Its 25 to 30 percent is from mobile phones
Shahriar Hossain says, "The amount of e-waste that was created from mobile phones two to three years ago, but now it has doubled. Our research says that two lakh metric tons of e-waste are produced every year in Bangladesh. Its 25 to 30 percent is from mobile phones. "
But how harmful it is for the environment or for human health?
Mr. Hussain says, "If these abandoned phones mix with the environment, in many ways it will pollute the environment, and also by food chain it also returns to the human body. There are various types of heavy metal in each set. There are lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and arsenic. If they enter the human body in some way, they cause harm to the health. Of course it will cause physical harm in many ways. ''
He says, "In the developed countries such mobile phones set up vendor companies are forced to buy again. Many times when buying the new set, returning the old, some money is available. In Bangladesh, such a system will be started. Then the e-waste of mobile phone sets will be reduced. For this reason, the government has to take initiative and call vendors to force it. ''

Consolidated and spoiled these phones have taken an initiative to re-process and the country's largest mobile phone operator Grameenphone
Recently, the mobile phone operator of Grameen Phone, the country's largest mobile phone operator, took an initiative to delete and destroy these phones. A box is placed at their customer service center, where anyone can give their canceled phone. Which will then be re-processed according to the rules.
I asked the chief corporate affairs officer of the company Mahmud Hossain, how are they responding?
Mahmud Hussain says, "We have found that a large number of mobile phone sets are unused or damaged, which are harmful for the environment. But there is no such initiative to get out of this loss. Since we are involved in this industry, we felt an urgent need to come forward to raise awareness about this. But we think that not only will we be alone, but all citizens have to understand, it is also their citizenship responsibility. ''
Grameenphone official Mahmud Hussain says that if people realize that their unused mobile phone sets are harming the environment, the reason for its loss is that it can be called a process to create that awareness.
He says, "I have not received much response, I will not say it. Not many of the sets have been submitted, but it is actually an attempt to raise awareness. Three million phone sets are imported every year. Actually I think 20/25 crore phone sets may have been unused. If people realize that their unused mobile phone sets are harming the environment, the reason for its loss is that it can be called a process to create that awareness. "
He does not have to spend an extra cost for that, he said

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission said they are thinking of making a policy
The concerned people say, despite the huge number of mobile phones sold in Bangladesh every year, the buyer or seller, among others, has not yet created awareness about expired phone. Companies that sell mobile phones are also not willing to take responsibility for their cancellation phones. Environmental workers claim that a policy can solve this problem, so that the seller will be forced to return the lost phones to the customers.
BTRC Chairman Shahjahan Mahmud asked the telecom sector regulator, what do they think about the issue?
BTRC chairman Shahjahan Mahmud says, "When the use of a phone is over, we should do that wherever we do not leave it at a certain place. Besides, if the old phone is returned, he should get a price, he will also have to do it. Although no action has yet been taken. We are certainly thinking about making a policy about this. But only the BTRC will not do this, only with some organizations or organizations including the Department of Environment, those who have this idea will have to be involved in formulating this policy.
The concerned people say that the number of mobile phone sales and sales are increasing, the number of cancellation phones is increasing. As a result, if the importance of these electronic waste management is not given importance now, then the future of big environmental pollution is going on. Source: BBC 

Human Rights Watch's proposal for a nine-point resolution to the government

Staff Reporter: Hundreds of people have been detained illegally and have been stuck in the secret place since 2013, according to a report by Human Rights Watch-HRW, a US-based human rights organization. Some of them are also opposition leaders. Urging the government to stop investigating these allegations, stop explaining the details of the disappeared families and take action against those involved in the incident. Human Rights Watch said that the Bangladesh government should ask the United Nations Human Rights Commission to investigate these allegations and ensure justice. Human Rights Watch has offered a 9-point proposal to the government in the report. 
The 80-page report published on the web site, "He does not have us: secret detention and disappearance in Bangladesh", where at least 90 people have information, which has been aborted in 2016 alone. Most of them have been produced before the court after holding them in a week or a month.
Human Rights Watch has information that 21 such detainees were later murdered and no information about 9 people was known to them. The three opposition leaders, who have been hanged for crimes against humanity in the list of these 90 people, have three children, one of whom came back after six months. The remaining three were not found yet.
Human Rights Watch says 48 people have been found missing in the first five months of this year. Brad Adams, Asia director of HRW, said the government of Bangladesh is not very well-versed in this matter despite having enough information on the missing. He said that the people of Bangladesh have been given security forces to arrest the people, whether they are guilty, to determine the punishment, determine the punishment, whether they will survive or not.
The report contains information of 19 BNP workers, who were withdrawn from different areas before the January 2014 election.
Human Rights Watch interviewed more than a hundred people including missing family members and witnesses while making the report. There are allegations made by police and other legal papers. The organization says the authorities of Bangladesh have failed to give any explanation about these allegations but they failed to give it. In such a situation, the family members of the disappearances of the accused against the Rapid Action Battalion and Detective Branch, the organization which has long been accused of abusing power.
RAB members took away Jan 5 Adnan Chowdhury of 2013 Her father, Ruhul Amin Chowdhury, told the company that they were told that the next day RAB members would release them.
"They said, we're going to take him back, we'll go back to him again. But they cheated us, told the company Mr. Chowdhury. "
It is said in the report that those who were taken up in 2016 and their position is still unknown, among them Mir Ahmed bin Qasim and Aman Azmi, son of two prominent leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, who were accused of war crimes, were among them. In addition, after the arrest of 12 Jamaat activists in 2016, they were killed. 
48 people have been found missing in the first five months of the year, says Human Rights Watch. 
It is said in the report that a senior RAB officer secretly told the family of disappeared BNP leader Sajedul Islam Sumon that five others including Sumon were in his custody. But after refusing to kill them, RAB officials took them away. His idea is that no one of these six survives.
It is said in the report that very few people of the 'disappeared' have taken refuge in the law. Many people have told Human Rights Watch that if they take shelter in law, their relatives' security will be severely abated - most families think that they will be released after secret and illegally detained for some time. 
The United States-based human rights organization says the law enforcement agencies and government officials are also supporting their claims by denying such arrests. Rather, sometimes it is said that these people themselves are hiding. 
HRW says, in addition to forced disappearance, there is a tendency to increase the rate of death during the stay in secret custody of state officials. Such an incident happened with 24-year-old Jamaat activist, Shahid Al Mahmood. He was dragged from "[house] on 13 June 2016, and was taken to a black microbus," Shahid's father Rajab Ali said to Human Rights Watch. He also said that the police officers were present during the arrest, although they later denied Mahmud's detention. Two weeks later, on July 1st, the police said that the bodies of martyrs were found after gunfight with criminals. Shahid's father told Human Rights Watch that the police had lied: The police kidnapped my son and arranged the 'gunfight' drama to make his kill acceptable.
Awami League promises "zero tolerance" against human rights violations after coming to power in 2009, but non-extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances are still happening. According to the report of human rights organizations, there have been a total of 320 missing disappeared since 2009. Among the missing people are suspected criminals, army and opposition members.
According to international law, by the state representative, forcing forced disappearance of independence, denial of independence, or determining their fate or not knowing about their position, they remain outside the protection of law.
The Bangladesh government should invite the Human Rights High Commissioner to visit Bangladesh to conduct an independent and effective investigation, and to ensure that they can conduct an investigation, and with the opportunity to work independently to deal with justice, accountability and security forces, it can present a proper proposal for reconstruction. The Bangladesh government should also invite special envoys of the United Nations special envoy to the concerned United Nations Special Operations, Execution and Extra-Extinguish Assassination, for the forced and illegal disappearance of the United Nations, and they will be allowed to meet all the places and people without permission.
Adams said, the Bangladesh government has made human habitation, human life and not paying homage to law and order has become a habit. Even the government does not consider it necessary to deny these allegations, instead they remain silent and expect the same from international organizations. Need to break this silence.
Custodial detention and murder: On March 18, 2016, Abu Jar Gafari was picked up and his body was recovered on April 13, 2016. His father Nur Islam said, "When my son was coming out of the mosque at the end of Jumma's prayers, some people came in front of my son riding on a motorcycle. After my son called his name, they put him on handcuffs and dragged him into a motorbike with a gun. Some local people tried to resist them, but they ordered their guns not to obstruct their work and said they were performing their 'administrative responsibility'. 
A day after the 13th of June 2016, the body of Shahid al-Mahmud was found. His father Rajab Ali said, "After midnight, two people broke bamboo fencing and entered our premises and called on the name of the martyrs so that they would call their political colleagues My wife and I got up and went to the door and one of the two men dressed in civilian clothes kept us looking at us. They allowed Shahid to change clothes. Then dragged him and took black in a microbus. There were more people there, wearing them was the clothes of the police. "
Missing continue: Moazzem Hossain Tipu disappeared from January 26, 2016 Her brother Monirul Hossain Apu said, "We went to our apartment fast. A guard there told us that three people dressed in a formal dress took us to our apartment and took my brother to the middle of the night. When the watchman tries to stop them, they identify themselves as a member of the intelligence department. "
Mir Ahmed bin Qasim disappeared on 9th August, 2016. His sister Tahira Tasnim said, "When the door was opened, the people asked my fate, 'Where is your husband?' My brother came to the door and the people said to him, 'You have to come with us.' My brother asked, 'Can I get your identity?' Have you come from any force? Are you RAB, CID, DB? ' They did not recognize themselves. He asked several times. There was no military dress and no arrest warrant for you. They said, 'Come with us.' My brother then said, 'I am a lawyer and I need to know it.' Then they replied to my brother, 'We give you five minutes to be ready. Come with us. " ...... I stood in front of my brother and took hold of one of them. The man pulled my hand and grabbed my brother. We started running behind him. We were hesitant. He was admitted in a white microbus. Then they went away. "
On 4th December 2013, witness of the disappearance of six people from Bashundhara said, "Suddenly, we saw a car coming towards us. There were several cars, but I do not know the exact number. Some people dressed in black clothes came out of the car. They had arms. The cars were lit, so I could see the color of them and their clothes. There was a car named RAB-1. I can say for sure that they were RAB because I saw RAB-1 in their clothes and cars. "
Nizamuddin Munna disappeared from the 12th of December 2013. His father Shamsuddin said, "I went to the local police outpost. The duty officer told me that the police will not take charges against RAB or any other law enforcement agency. I was told that if I want to file a complaint, then I must say that my son is lost. "
Salman Reza Pintu, wife of disappeared from December 12, 2013, said, "As soon as the door was opened, they asked whether he was Pintu. He said, 'Yes, I am Pintu'. Then the two of them caught Pintu ... Pintu asked for their identity. They said, 'We came from the administration.' Pintu wanted to see their identity card and then they said, 'It's not a problem, it's not a problem. You will be safe with us. ' My husband did not bind me. "
Awami League's opposition to the disappearance: Awami League has taken a stand against each other in connection with the disappearance of the disappearance. When asked about the forced disappearance of opposition supporters in November 2016, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told the Voice of America that these allegations are baseless. He said the missing person was secretly hiding the government to embarrass the world. Although law minister Anisul Haq admitted in March 2007 the disappearance of the UN Human Rights Committee, he claims that the number has been reduced. The law minister also said that there is no word for forced forced disappearance in Bangladesh, investigations into all cases filed against abductions in the country have been successfully investigated in a fair environment. The government is 'zero-tolerant' about the crimes organized by law enforcement agencies. He said, 'Nobody is above the law, no one else.'
Government proposals: Human Rights Watch has proposed a 9-point proposal for the government in the report. The proposals are, (one) conducting investigations of all the forced disappearances and those who are illegally detained by the security forces, and facing trial of the culprits. Under the trial, political motivated cases should be brought against the members of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami or their supporters.
(Ii) Investigating the cases of all the deaths organized during the so-called gunfight or the shooting of the security during the custody of the security forces and prosecute all the officers responsible for the death. 
(3) To direct the police stations to take advantage, law enforcement agencies, such as RAB and DB, have to make general diary and FIR lodged against family members. Provide power and encouragement to police to investigate the allegations of forced disappearance against law enforcement agencies. 
(4) Human Rights High Commissioner for the conduct of independent and effective investigation, Special UN Secretary-General, Special Envoy for Execution of Arbitration and Judiciary, Operating Agency on Forced and Illegal Mistakes, Special Ambassadors for Torture and other cruel, inhuman or humiliating punishment Invite to
(5) To answer the questions sent by the National Human Rights Commission in a hurry. 
(Six) Answering the questions asked by various organizations working on forced and illegal disappearances.
(Seven) All the officials of the law enforcement agencies, including those who are responsible for forced disappearance, face trial. Provide punishment for the officers and officials who have ordered it or informed about this torture, punishing them. 
(8) There is strong evidence and evidence against them for their involvement in the disappearance, their immediate dismissal, conducting a full investigation and firing from RAB, DB and other law enforcement agencies.
(Not of) the involvement of numerous human rights violators, and instead of creating a civilian counterterrorism department.

Two people executed in Japan

Two murder convicts executed in Japan have been executed It was implemented on Thursday, ignoring the call of international human rights groups to abolish their death penalty. Ministry of Justice said this. News AFP
Since 1923, after the conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to power, a total of 19 people were executed.
According to the news, Masakatusu Nishikawa (61) was convicted and sentenced to death for killing four women who owns a bar in Japan in 1991. In 2011, Sumed (34) was given the same sentence for killing a female colleague.
It is to be noted that, only in Japan and the United States, there are still death penalty punishments implemented among the developed countries.
Government spokesman Yoshihid Suga said that Justice Minister Katsushoshi Kaneda approved the execution of the two accused. Source: BSS. 

Arrangement for the husbands who have been shopping for their husbands

There is a special arrangement for women who will be shopping at a shopping mall in China.
The Chinese newspaper 'The Paper' tells about many glass pods in Shanghai's Global Herbal Fair, where women can leave their husbands. So when they do shopping, these husbands will not have to go back.
There will be many entertainment arrangements for spouses' spouses. There they can sit and play games.
Each glass pod will have a chair, monitor, computer and game pad. They were able to play the old games of the nineties.
The shopping mall has said, this service is currently free. But later they thought of introducing the fee.
Some men who have used this service told the magazine, they liked the matter.
One person named Mr. Young said, "I just played tekan-3 games. I thought that I just came back from school."
Techno-Three is a game of the decade of the 1990s.
In Chinese social media, there is a lot of fun with the service of the shopping mall. Many people want to know more about this service can be expanded in different places.
One comment, "This service will now encourage husbands to go shopping, even though shopping costs will go from their pockets."
But a wife commented, "If my husband only wants to sit and play games, what does he mean by shopping?" - BBC Bangla

Chinese warship in Hong Kong waterfalls

China's militant carrier CNS Liaoning reached the waterway in Hong Kong. This is the first trip to the warship outside China's mainland.
The 20th anniversary of transfer of Hong Kong to China from the UK was July 1. After that anniversary, the Chinese carrier made the first journey outside the country.
Chinese President Xi Jin Ping visited the country on the anniversary of handing over to Hong Kong. During the visit, Jean Ping faced the resistance of China. At that time, he warned the protesters that no conspiracy against China will be tolerated.
There has been a kind of unrest in Hong Kong politics for a few years. Many of the country's citizens want to be free from China's influence. Many of the voices of freedom
Many people see the presence of the warship in Hong Kong waterspace as a demonstration of power in China. But many Hong Kong residents have set up a free ticket line for the ride on this warship.
There are three other carriages with CNS Liaoning. It can stay in Hong Kong's Tsing-e port for five days. - NTV

D. Chinese aircraft carrier took part in the China Sea drill

A fleet under the leadership of China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning is conducting a military operation. In the South China Sea, when the tension with America is going on, the trial is going on. In order to take part in the exercise, Liaoning started on 25th of March from Kingda.
Two Chinese destroyers and a frigate are taking part in the exercise. Also, a squadron J-15 fighter and helicopter is taking part. The objective of this exercise is to increase the efficiency of working on aircraft carpets in the ocean environment. 
On Sunday, China sent military ships and warships to defeat the US-guided missile destroyer from the disputed region of the South China Sea. The Beijing-Washington tension on this incident is underway when the tension is underway.
 The United States again sent warships to Chinese airspace for 'freedom of navigation'. Beijing, unhappy with the incident, said that the US is aiming at the South China Sea.
US news media has demanded to go to US Destroyer through 12 nautical miles of an island of disputed islands. In this, the US warship was said to be on the island of Triton in the Parcel Islands of the South China Sea. - Purse Today

wife handed a gift to her to cut finger on love

Long-time family feud was going on in Ahad-Lucky couple The two families tried to resolve several times. But the clash of Ahad-Lucky couple did not stop At one stage, according to the decision of the two families, a divorce between Ahad-Lucky couple was divorced. However, husband Ahad requested wife Lucky not to divorue. 
Lucky Akter's wife did not cry after all. Ahad, however, showed interest in making a family again with Lucky despite not having a wife's heart. According to the same sources, both the families, including the couple, gathered at the local UP chairman's house to resolve the situation.
But Lucky is unable to do the family. Aggrieved and angry at it, during the period of Ahad arbitrator, he entered the kitchen of the chairman's house at one go. And after cutting the finger of your hand with the kitchen stack, take a gift from your wife by hanging her and giving her a proof of love. 
Even though the story sounds, the incident took place on Friday morning in Savar's Ashulia Shululia Union's Kalasutti village. Local UP chairman Azharul Islam Suruj confirmed the incident. 
According to local sources, 7-8 days ago the couple got divorced. According to the pre-decision, on Friday morning, the people of both the parties were present in the house of local UP chairman Azharul Islam Suruj in Purub Kalsunti village in Ashulia to solve the situation arising.In the presence of both sides, husband Ahad lucky to show his interest in the family again. 
At this time, Lucky was meant to start a new family again at the request of family members of Ahad. But his family, including Lucky, are firm on their decision. 
Later, after talking to the people of both families, Husband Ahad gave a gift to prove his love for his wife by cutting a finger. Later, Ahad was sent to a local clinic for treatment. 
It is known that, 10 years ago, the marriage of Ahad Mia of Latifpur village under Joydebpur Police Station in Gazipur, with Lucky, the daughter of Aanal Haque, in the Kotalasti area of ​​Ashulia. Since marriage, Ahad-Lucky couple had a quarrel with family issues. The couple has a 4-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter.

9/11 Compounding Suit: Now the name of Emirates is added to the Saudi!

Wednesday: September 11 terrorist attacks in America, 001 cases of affected people could be added to the name of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. About 800 people, who were victims of this incident, known as 9/11, sued Saudi Arabia for compensation cases in March.
Of the 19 aircraft hijackers involved in 9/11, 15 were believed to be Saudi and two Emirates citizens. Qatar has emerged from the Saudi Arab-led four Arab countries, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt's ongoing diplomatic tensions have emerged as a case against Emirates. A news portal named Middle East Eye reported.
It has also been said that the deadline for this case to be completed by January 2015. Earlier, the case could be filed against the UAE.
Kristen Breitauger, the plaintiff in the case, lost her husband in 9/11 case He said, the time has come to look at the UAE this time. He said that our lawyers will have to pay attention to this. He also said that the hand of the United Arab Emirates is not clear even in 9/11. He said he should look into the matter of their involvement with the hijackers.
In the 9/11 Commission report, the UAE name has been mentioned more than 70 times. The name of the country has also been mentioned once in relation to funding terrorists. It has been said in the report that most of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks went to the US through Dubai. It has been mentioned that the money spent in the terrorist attacks has gone from the UAE.-Perce Today

Travel restriction: US courts have extended the circumambulation range

A court in Hawaii has further expanded the circumference of the trump administration's travel restrictions. As a result of this verdict, the restriction of trump administration will not last if grandparents, other relatives and other relatives living in the United States.
Judge Derek Watson gave the verdict on Friday. He termed the sanctions guidelines as 'unauthorized' and said the ban was very narrowly explained to the Supreme Court ruling.
It was said in the directive that the close relationship was meant to mean parents, husband or wife, child, daughter of a girl, son's wife and siblings. Do not include grandparents, grandparents, grandchildren, ancestors, maternal uncle, nephew-nieces, nephew-nephews, or other relatives of the family.
Judge Watson said that the grandparents, grandparents, and family members among close family members can be understood only by common sense. Indeed, they are the best samples of close family members.
In the beginning of March this year, the US President Donald Trump signed a new executive order by banning the entry of the United States for six days in six months. Previously, there were seven countries under the sanctions, but Iraq was excluded from the new one.
Also 120 days restrictions were imposed for all refugees. It was said in the order that the order will be effective from March 16.
The countries covered under the restriction of protecting America from terrorism are Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.
After the suspension of a few rounds in June this year, the travel ban was approved by the Supreme Court. It is effective for tourists and refugees in 6 Muslim countries. It is said that there will be only relations with close relatives in the United States.
The full ban is scheduled to be completed in October. - Channel I

Studying in more than 100 educational institutions in Kurigram is closed

Online education: Curriculum has been stopped in the educational institutions of Kurigram due to banana water. Almost 20,000 students of these institutions have become disturbed by the lack of education and also ending the annual curriculum. Locals complain that even though this situation arises every year, there is no initiative for permanent solution. After floods, the commitment to completing the curriculum with additional classes has been promised.
Floods have increased due to the increase in water in 16 rivers including Brahmaputra, Dharla, Teesta and Dudhkumar. Because of this, 5 hundred and 41 villages were flooded due to two lakh people being affected by water disputes. In addition, the water of the water in the government primary schools in these areas has entered. As a result, their education has stopped.
Parents of children who are not allowed to go to school due to the risk of going to school.
With the reduction of flood water, readings will be taken on the holidays also, said the concerned people.
According to Manik Chowdhury, the director of opinion livelihood, urgent urgent solution to this problem, as the education institutions are being affected every year due to flooding and education is hampered.
The government primary schools in the district are 1, 2, 34. Of these, 1 hundred and 29 schools of the class were covered with floodplains in the square. Besides, five government primary schools were eroded by river erosion in the last few days