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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    YouTube's reign of 'mind'

    The words of 2008 Tawfiq Ahmed and Faisal Ruddi of Bangladesh were studying law in the UK. The two youths are busy with music at the leisure time, while staying busy with music. In addition to the Bangla TVs in London, their participation in various songs of the local community attracted many visitors. 
    One day, with the death of Rapper Tawfiq in London Highway, they formed the popular band of today. This is a different kind of Bangla band from the beginning. In a short time, the band won the mind of Bangladeshi audiences for the fascinating exhibition and song protesting. Alternatives are accompanied by hip-hop songs, protests, love, Repentance and reflection of living. With the aim of young generation, they brought new songs based on songs. 
    On the occasion of the Eid, a new song has been released on the title band titled 'Man' on Youtube. For those who believe that the kingdom is an aphrodisiac or rap song, their idea will again prove wrong. The lyrics of the song 'Mana' The song was released on the official YouTube channel of state music on June 23. State music banner 'Do not remember more That's the old day. Do not miss black nissy. 'Faisal and Taufiq wrote the song and composed it by Faisal himself. In addition to these two, Nafis voiced the song in the song. And the music has been arranged by LMG Bits. 
    On Friday, the first person talked to Ala, state band artist Faisal Raddi. Along with music he is now associated with Dhaka movie. His first film, 'Pathshala', is waiting for the release. On the other hand, a barrister and teacher of the law of a university in Dhaka, Tawfiq, a father of sage song. 
    Why did you choose the digital platform for the release of new songs? When asked, Faisal said, as we sing for young people and youngsters are the most active on the digital platform. 
    Faisal said, "Nowadays the popularity of digital platforms is growing in every country, and our country is not backing this popularity. 
    What is the next plan on 'mind'? Faisal said in the north, There is a plan for a music video. But the song is currently available in several stores including YouTube, iTunes and Amazon Store. If the audience wants to get rid of these digital platforms. Besides, it is also available from all the mobile operators of the country. 
    So far, two albums have released the kingdom. Those are 'kingdom' and 'slavery'. Some of the important songs of the kingdom bands include the 'rebellious' river, 'country and corruption', 'red green', 'slogan', 'nagradola', 'broken nao' etc.

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