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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Arrangement for the husbands who have been shopping for their husbands

    There is a special arrangement for women who will be shopping at a shopping mall in China.
    The Chinese newspaper 'The Paper' tells about many glass pods in Shanghai's Global Herbal Fair, where women can leave their husbands. So when they do shopping, these husbands will not have to go back.
    There will be many entertainment arrangements for spouses' spouses. There they can sit and play games.
    Each glass pod will have a chair, monitor, computer and game pad. They were able to play the old games of the nineties.
    The shopping mall has said, this service is currently free. But later they thought of introducing the fee.
    Some men who have used this service told the magazine, they liked the matter.
    One person named Mr. Young said, "I just played tekan-3 games. I thought that I just came back from school."
    Techno-Three is a game of the decade of the 1990s.
    In Chinese social media, there is a lot of fun with the service of the shopping mall. Many people want to know more about this service can be expanded in different places.
    One comment, "This service will now encourage husbands to go shopping, even though shopping costs will go from their pockets."
    But a wife commented, "If my husband only wants to sit and play games, what does he mean by shopping?" - BBC Bangla

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