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    Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    'Unfortunate Higuain in the final'

    Higuain wasted a chance in the 2015 and 2016 Copa América title after Brazil's World Cup final in 2014. 
    UVNetos Forward Higuain is still faced with severe criticism for having missed the opportunity in such a big three matches.
    However, according to Batistan, who scored 54 goals for the country, due to the bad luck, Higuain did not get the breakthrough during the crucial national team. Likewise, another striker Sereno Aguero is also a bit unfortunate.
    "Their fate was very bad, especially in Higuain. He lost some important opportunities in the three finals. I would call it unfortunate because he himself created those opportunities. It is not that a teammate has done everything and has given him a chance to glow. "
    "For example, because he was ready and rhythmic against Germany, he was able to go through the spat with a spat, but at the end, everything would have gone wrong. She did everything she had to do to a number Nine. He did everything, except for the target shot. "
    "If that happened in another match or group event, nobody would say anything. We would rather appreciate him for creating such an opportunity. "
    The national team has so far scored 31 goals for Real Madrid and Napoli's former forward Higuain. But 48-year-old Batyattuata, who seems to have lost his chance, still runs him out.

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