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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Blue eye tea is fake?

    Pakistan's Islamabad-based Tea-Wala Arshad Khan Blue Eye Scene Social Media Saurabh made a year ago Many news was published in the international media about the blue eyes Pakistani tea-wala. He again became the headline of the news. However, blue eyes do not have any work of hypnotism; Rather, because of a fake identity, 

    Pakistan's Geo News reported that Arshad Khan's house was not in Pakistan. His house is in Afghanistan. According to the National Documentation and Registration Authority (NADRA), he is trying to prove himself as a Pakistani citizen with fake documents. Nadra says that Arshad Khan has filed for national ID card,
    According to the news, Arshad's family came to Pakistan after crossing the border with the people of Moskhal tribe from Kandahar in Afghanistan. 

    But Arshad denied these allegations by claiming to be Pakistanis. His claim is that his father was born in Sarogodaya, Punjab. He went to Saudi Arabia in 1984. After staying there for 13 years, he returned to Pakistan. His family went to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province from Mardan in Pakistan. Later they went to Islamabad. He could not show any valid documents in favor of this claim. 

    Arshad Khan is the tea-ward of Peshawar Chowk in Islamabad. Blue Eyed Tea Wear Arshad's Pictures Posted on October 14th last year in Instagram, a fancy women photographer named Zia Ali. And this is where the tea-waller opens. A great deal of discussion with him in social media. In that formula he got the chance of modeling. The fashionwoman came from the tea-wala.

    At that time, Arshad said that he has been living in Islamabad for 25 years. They are 17 siblings. She feels like getting popular overnight.But at the time of work, when many people gather and spend time in photography, they feel very annoyed. He added that more than 100 people take photos with him every day.

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