Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brazil - Argentina top ranked Germany

Germany have topped the world in the FIFA World Ranking The coach lost the lost ground two years ago with the success of the Confederations Cup, coach Iwakhim Luv's team.

Germany sends a number of players to rest while playing in the Confederations Cup in Russia, Germany. In the final of Chile's final, they were champions in the eight-party continental championships.

The world champions are making big progress in the rankings. The top two teams from South America, behind Brazil and Argentina, have emerged as the top players after 2015.
The German team did not have the top three months to improve. Neymar's position in the top of the team for the first time in the last seven years has been in the second half of April in Argentina. Lionel Messi is in third place

In the Confederations Cup final, Hara Chile is in seventh place.
Portugal, Switzerland and Poland are in fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively.

Back in three steps Colombia, France and Belgium are in the eighth, ninth and tenth places respectively.

Spain in the eleventh position; Twelve Italy

Bangladesh has two steps ahead of 190th place.


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