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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Zaheer's surprise in world youth athletics

    Zaheer, the athlete of Bangladesh, shocked at World Youth Athletics. Photo: Prothom Alo,

    "I want to get to the semifinals with the best" - said before leaving Dhaka Zahir Raihan said. She has spoken to World Youth Athletics in Kenya. Today's 17-year-old athlete, who reached the semifinals of the 400 meters halt in Nairobi today.
    BKSP's Athletes ran one number hat. It took time 48.00 seconds. Sherpur's youth came to the semester in the third of the hits. Anthony Cox, from Jamaica's Usain Bolt, ran with Zaheer. She is 46. In the semifinal, the first time was 53 seconds. 
    Earlier, at the 1998 Moscow World Youth Games, the former athlete and Zaheer's coach Abdullah Hell Kafi reached the semifinals at the 100 meters sprints. Zahir's results were a great surprise after many days in Bangladesh's athletics. The athletes of Bangladesh have turned into the habit of eliminating the primary hitters in international games outside South Asia for many years. 
    The Asian Track and Field, which was last weekend in Bhubaneswar last week, also saw the consequences of athletes in Bangladesh. Apart from the exception, Zaheer Zaheer's performance in the domestic competition was optimistic, coach Abdullah Hell Kafi Last year, Zaheer scored 200 meters with a second run in the National Junior Meet. In May, the first international event in Thailand was not able to do 200 meters at Asian Youth Athletics. However, 49 Youth World Championship tickets in Kenya, ran in 12 seconds. Zaheer said, "I am very happy with my performance. I've done a lot better than expected here. But I do not want to stay in the semi-finals. I want to run in the final. '

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