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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Jimmy is free now

    Asia Cup hockey in October after 32 years in the country. But the country's player Russell Mahmud Jimmy will not play, what is it! A few days ago, the national hockey team's selectors were surprised. But apart from Jimmy, they made the Asia Cup preliminary team, beforehand. The federation's Working Committee banned Jimmy from international hockey for disciplinary reasons. It was said, the final decision on Jimmy's ban will be decided at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Federation. But that meeting is not yet. Before that, Jimmy has been called in the Asia Cup camp.
    Selector Committee chief Kamrul Islam Kismat yesterday said that he has sent a list of 35 players to Jimmy, who was sent to the federation for the approval of the president of the Air Force chief. That list has been approved. Kismat said, "I have asked Jimmy to join the camp. In a day or two he will come to the camp. ' Jimmy also said the same thing.
    It is known that the whole process took place in the interest of the election committee and the president of the Federation. Mamunur Rashid, Rafiqul Islam Kamal, Abu Jafar Tapan, Ariful Haque Prince, Mahbub Ehsan Rana are members of the selection committee. However, one of the top officials of the federation said yesterday about their initiative. The officer said that he did not understand why four members of the committee were recommended by Jimmy, who wanted to repeal the punishment again.
    But the truth is, some of the responsible members of the federation do not want Jimmy to join the national team. So the national team has been banned. With this permission, Jimmy went to Germany to play with the permission of the president. Now that the Asia Cup team has been replaced by a lot of players, the teams like India and Pakistan are coming out, so call Jimmy back in the team. Two days ago, two experienced players Pintu and Kamruzzaman were called.

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