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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Want to walk 400 feet high?

    The English V-shaped SkyWalk has been made in a park in China's Wan Tsang city. Photo: AFP

    Who does not want to fly in the sky. The issue of the plane coming back to the fray again. Of course, if you do not have to fly the aircraft, you can take this feeling - if there is a high level structure and there is a Skywalk system. The world's largest Skywalk has been created in China. It was made with glass to give the feeling of flying in the sky.
    This English-made SkyWalk has been made in the Varsang city of Ordovcien Park in south-western China's Chongqing. It has been built on a hill. It is about 70 meters away from the mountain. Below it are the foundation of the metallic framework. And from the floor everything else is made of glass. As a result, walking in the sky will literally seem to be walking in the sky.
    In front of it open sky and green hills. And if you look at the bottom, it can be understood that the air is in the air. Homes below 123 meters will have an ants house!
    AFP reported that China's Sky Sky has already been hit by tourists. But more than 30 people are not allowed to get together. Many people are going to skye this photo or to get a selfie. Some people are rushing after looking after the hobbies, they are getting tired, they are holding tightly.
    Earlier this year, Guinness World Records recognized the world's longest skywalk. However, this type of installation is not the first in China. Earlier, similar skywalks were created in the country's Sinic Park and Hunan Province. But the skywalk created in Hunan Province was temporarily closed due to the crowds of people.

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