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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Another cyber attack threat!

    Wednesday: Friday after a massive cyber-attack around the world will soon be a major cyber attack, said experts.
    On Friday, more than 100,000 computer systems were attacked by cyber attacks.
    A UK security researcher, known as 'malware tech', who weirdly helped to combat 'ransomware' on computers, warns "Another cyber attack is coming ... probably on Monday."
    Spain, France, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Russia, and cyberattacks have taken place in a hundred countries in the world, 'RanmaSware' spread to different organizations in those countries, which control computer user files. To get control of the computer, digital currency 'bit coins' is sought for $ 300.
    Many countries, such as health, telecom or communication, are important sectors of this attack.
    The UK National Health Service, especially in the face of major attacks. Emergency medical services are to be stopped in the country's hospital. At least 48 systems of the National Health Service are victims of this attack.
    UK Home Minister Amber Rudd on Saturday said he had restored six systems of National Health Service, but he said there is a lot to do to keep the computer free of viruses.
    Spain's telecom and fuel companies, the US distribution company FedEx also suffered from this cyber attack.
    BBC's technology correspondent Joey Kleinman said, "Ransomware" is a kind of malware or virus that takes control of the computer and prevents users from accessing it. Many times the hard disk parts or files passwords are obscure. After that, ransom or money was demanded to return control of that computer. Such malware like 'trojan virus' may spread from one computer to another.
    The BBC has analyzed some computer data from the ransomware that has been called 'Wanakrai' and 'Variant' - at least 22 thousand and eight pounds have been deposited in the accounts of hackers.
    The 'Malware Tech' pseudonym is a UK security researcher who unknowingly captured the cyber attack and became 'strange hero'. He spent nearly £ 8 on the global cyber attack.
    However, it was not possible to restrain the spread of the Ransomware attack, but the computer and network that was infected with the virus could not be restored.
    The 22-year-old man told the BBC - "All of a sudden, everyone needs to do 'security patches' on their computer systems.
    "These attacks have been stopped, but another cyber attack is near and we probably will not be able to prevent it."
    "It involves huge amounts of money, there is no reason why they will not do that. It will not be very difficult for hackers to attack again by changing the code."
    "There is a possibility of a cyber attack again, but this weekend may happen this morning," he said. - BBC Bangla

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