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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Russia has recorded 73 simultaneous satellite sending

    Russia has created a new record by sending 73 satellites into space at once. These satellites have been sent to the space with rockets in Suze-2.1. Russia first sent 36 satellite together to space.
    The rocket was thrown into the space from the Biconeur Cosmodrum Launch Station in Kazakhstan. There were 72 artificial satellites, including the Canopus V-i. Kinopus V-Eye satellites specially designed for fire and emergency monitoring. 
    In addition, there are small satellites named Mayak. The Russian satellites have huge solar reflectors or solar reflectors. After installing Maya in orbit, this pyramid-shaped solar photocopy will be opened like a umbrella. This will be used to light the night sky by reflecting solar radiation. The man made orbital will be the most brilliant object in the traveler. In the space of the spectacular bright objects in space, its position will be fourth. The sun, the moon and the sperm are respectively in the row.
    However, there has been a debate over this attempt to highlight the sky of the night. Many have complained that it will happen in alaruna and will reduce the chance of seeing the stars in the dark sky. With the spread of urban civilization, the divorcedness is increasing.
    In addition, the satellites in Japan, Norway, Canada and many US companies have the satellite to send the SUV. Russian news media reported that these satellite satellites successfully detached from the rocket. The freight booster was connected to the satellite rocket. These satellites will be placed in orbit by Frigate Booster. At the end of the work it will fall into the predetermined area of ​​the Indian Ocean.
    -Pars Today

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