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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Facebook offers the opportunity to sell products among friends

     About 450 million people enter Facebook every month in retail groups on Facebook. Keeping this demand in mind, it has launched a whole tab on Facebook, where Facebook friends can sell products in one go.
    Under the new 'Facebook Marketplace' service, a Facebook user will be able to buy another Facebook user's product in his neighborhood. For this, however, the interested user will need to publish pictures of his product and brief information along with the possible origin. If you like it, you can buy it on the basis of 'Adhake' through messenger.
    In this way, the convenience of the seller is that buyers and sellers are financially aware of each other, because they both have to have a profile on Facebook. And if the people living in nearby areas are selling, other accessories will cost less or will not be said. Overall, both the buyer and the seller will have the opportunity of rating on a sale. The transparency will also be ensured.
    Bay is currently providing mobile services in the United States, UK, Australia, and New Zealand to Facebook. However, the feature can be found in the whole world and on the internet website. The extent of this service will depend on the results of the test version of Facebook running in four countries. The expected response is to increase the range of Facebook Marketplace.
    Someone can ask, what will be the benefit of Facebook with the chance to get access to users? Although the issue is not clear yet, the way Facebook has added it in the app seriously, it is clear that there are big plans for the company. It could be that a user can advertise on Facebook or promote a product to get a good buyer of his product. And it is possible for Facebook to get profits as well.
    It is to be noted that Facebook has tried to promote product marketing among locals by marketplace multiple times. But those efforts did not succeed at all. So, it will be worth seeing how successful this initiative will be. Source: Deutsche Welle. 

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