Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kohli and Anushka's 15 million 'likes' in the cellphone!

Kohli-Anushka is like this selfie in the storm Photo: Instagram

It's just like the stirring thing. Like Shakira, there is very little likelihood of a football star like the world star or Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course, the cyclone like Kohli is not new. Kohli posted a picture of KK Makhamakhi on the birth of Dhoni. There were 16 lakh 75 thousand like there. However, the picture of Kohli-Anushka could be beyond the rest of the picture.
Due to being a star, both of them have a lot of followers. When the captain of India's most popular sports national team posts something through social network, it becomes a source of news for many people. Anushka is also successful in her case. One of India's top performers. The storm will rise. The film is not so romantic. But Kohli's presentation and heart emo grabbed the mind.
In the United States on Wednesday, comments on this selfie post was 19 thousand 500 Most of them say that Kohli-Anushka pair is made for each other. Their prayers, stay together for a lifetime, these two Source: Instagram.

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