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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    9/11 Compounding Suit: Now the name of Emirates is added to the Saudi!

    Wednesday: September 11 terrorist attacks in America, 001 cases of affected people could be added to the name of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. About 800 people, who were victims of this incident, known as 9/11, sued Saudi Arabia for compensation cases in March.
    Of the 19 aircraft hijackers involved in 9/11, 15 were believed to be Saudi and two Emirates citizens. Qatar has emerged from the Saudi Arab-led four Arab countries, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt's ongoing diplomatic tensions have emerged as a case against Emirates. A news portal named Middle East Eye reported.
    It has also been said that the deadline for this case to be completed by January 2015. Earlier, the case could be filed against the UAE.
    Kristen Breitauger, the plaintiff in the case, lost her husband in 9/11 case He said, the time has come to look at the UAE this time. He said that our lawyers will have to pay attention to this. He also said that the hand of the United Arab Emirates is not clear even in 9/11. He said he should look into the matter of their involvement with the hijackers.
    In the 9/11 Commission report, the UAE name has been mentioned more than 70 times. The name of the country has also been mentioned once in relation to funding terrorists. It has been said in the report that most of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks went to the US through Dubai. It has been mentioned that the money spent in the terrorist attacks has gone from the UAE.-Perce Today

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