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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    $ 100 billion company in the basement!

    Carl Rodriguez Photo Courtesy of BBC

    16 years ago when Karl Rodriguez decided to leave the established job, friends and family members stood against it. Everyone thought that his head was just screwed. It was added to the problems of livelihood. Karl was slightly upset in all. 

    These incidents did not target him. Started in the basement of his home, his dream project. But the worker was called Carl alone. Karl, who is studying in IT, said, 'Everyone started thinking that my intellect has disappeared. Some people were thinking again, maybe I'm taking drugs. But my goal was to create something that I really like. I did not know what to do! But I thought it would be successful. '
    In 2001, Karl finalized the framework for creating a computer product in the basement. For that he had to work a month. He planned to create a software system that allows mobile phones to be controlled from the laptop. Later, this software system became a place in the list of widely sold computer products.
    Then Karl founded a company called SOITI. The first one year marketing was quite shaky. But suddenly the UK's biggest supermarket company is attracted to this software. Karl has opened the forehead in it. His organization gets 20,000 units of work order
    When contacted by the supermarket company, Karl was still in the basement. He said, "They could not believe that I am alone in the basement office. They wanted to talk to the marketing officer. Later, I changed my voice and started talking to another person.
    SOITI never wanted to sell the whole software system. Instead, they themselves wanted to provide full service. The company believes it is possible to improve the software. 

    Many people do not know about this company. Because, as a client, he chose companies more than individuals. Now the company gives eight million dollars in revenue every year. And the entire company's owner Karl and his wife. Money was not taken from any outside investor. In 2006, Microsoft wanted to acquire it. Carl gave back the offer of alluring
    Carl Rodriguez is now 55 years old. Karl was born in Pakistan. But his family's spinal cord At 11 years of age, she became a Canadian resident in Canada. Karl said, 'Baba was happy in Pakistan. But mother thought about the safe future of children.
    Karl completed his studies in computer science and engineering from the University of Toronto. After several years he worked as a consultant in a company. After this, the pressure on the head itself is something to do. Now his company has more than $ 100 million worth. Under him, 700 workers were working in 22 countries.
    The story of the basement but not yet finished. Yet it is the center of all the work of Karl's company. However, the official head office was kept in two separate buildings. 

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