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    Friday, July 14, 2017

    Google-Microsoft will kill mosquitoes!

    Emblematic picture: AFP has experienced the

    terrible diseases of mosquito-borne diseases around the world. 
    Due to this, the world's leading technology company Microsoft Corporation and Google will work jointly to kill mosquitoes.
    According to a Reuters report, on Wednesday Microsoft, Google and California's Life Sciences organization Velli has signed an agreement. Using high-tech automation and robotics, these companies will take measures to prevent zicchorrhoea and other mosquito-borne diseases. For the time being, they are conducting high-tech instruments in jointly with public health officials in a number of states of the United States.
    It is reported in the report that the jica virus spreads through the Edis Ezipati mosquito. The virus has a direct negative impact on the pregnancy. The baby is at risk of being crippled after birth. For this reason, Microsoft is conducting 10 modern traps or traps in Houston and Harrice County, Texas. The nets will be stuck in the jaica virus, the adhesive ezipati mosquito.
    Microsoft's engineer Ethan Jackson, the maker of the device, said 85 percent of the detection of the detection of harmful mosquito like Edison Ezipati by the trap in Houston was correct.
    Anandashankar Roy, assistant professor of pandemics department at the University of California, said that the news of the great technology coming forward to kill mosquitoes is a pleasure news.

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