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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    D. Chinese aircraft carrier took part in the China Sea drill

    A fleet under the leadership of China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning is conducting a military operation. In the South China Sea, when the tension with America is going on, the trial is going on. In order to take part in the exercise, Liaoning started on 25th of March from Kingda.
    Two Chinese destroyers and a frigate are taking part in the exercise. Also, a squadron J-15 fighter and helicopter is taking part. The objective of this exercise is to increase the efficiency of working on aircraft carpets in the ocean environment. 
    On Sunday, China sent military ships and warships to defeat the US-guided missile destroyer from the disputed region of the South China Sea. The Beijing-Washington tension on this incident is underway when the tension is underway.
     The United States again sent warships to Chinese airspace for 'freedom of navigation'. Beijing, unhappy with the incident, said that the US is aiming at the South China Sea.
    US news media has demanded to go to US Destroyer through 12 nautical miles of an island of disputed islands. In this, the US warship was said to be on the island of Triton in the Parcel Islands of the South China Sea. - Purse Today

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