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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    North Korean missiles will hit Alaska!

    On Tuesday, mid-range missile missile hit North Korea, it could hit anywhere in the world and it could reach the United States of Alaska. Experts feel like this. Officials in the country said this. Yesterday the missile launches in Japan went to the sea.
    Yesterday the missile was fired from the Pyongan military airfield. After 37 minutes it falls into the Japan Sea. South Korea says the missile was thrown at 9:40 am local time yesterday morning. It runs 930 kilometers.
    US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron described the missile as a 'threatened threat' for the United States and the world. He cautioned that Washington will never accept a nuclear weapon which will strengthen North Korea.
    Rex Tyleron said, "Global action is needed to stop global threats." He warned that if any nation fails to provide economic or military support to North Korea and implement the United Nations Security Council's sanctions, it will be like 'promoting and promoting a dangerous regime'.
    United States has called for an emergency meeting in the United Nations Security Council. Today the 15-member council is expected to have a closed-door meeting.
    However, after yesterday's missile testing, experts say North Korea still has no long-range nuclear weapons capability.
    After mid-air missile testing, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Photo: Reuters

    What does North Korea say? 
    State-controlled news agency KCNA has quoted the country's leader Kim Jong-un as saying that this missile test was a 'gift' for Americans on the Independence Day. In the report, warning of the possibility of more missile testing, the leader (Un) ordered that 'small and big' 'gift package' be sent to American citizens (Yankee) repeatedly.
    Pyongyang had earlier said that Hoosang-14 ballistic missile (ICBM) could cross 2,820 kilometer (1,731 miles) away from the sea.
    North Korea says they are now "a full-fledged nuclear energy country and intercontinental ballistic rockets can hit anywhere in the world."
    The last time the UN Security Council sanctions sanctioned last year, the country runs the last test.
    Do North Korea have missile missiles? 
    Some experts believe that yesterday's missile test proves that it is a missile capable of attacking around the world. The missile could reach the United States of Alaska. Physicist David Wright said that this is a typical tragedy (missile missile path). Yesterday missile missiles could reach about 6,700 kilometers. But the South Korean Ministry of Defense said today that it can reach seven to eight thousand kilometers. But now the biggest question is whether the missile capable of carrying warheads?
    Meanwhile, North Korea launched a ballistic missile before the G-20 summit in Germany this week. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a press conference after the launch of the missile that the global leaders will be present at the G-20 conference. In a tweet, US President Donald Trump said North Korea launched another missile. Referring to Kim Jong-un, he said, will not this person do anything better than this? References: BBC.

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