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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    IS chief killed in ISI

    The US Defense Ministry said the Pentagon has claimed that Abu Sayeed, the Afghan head of the group, was killed in an attack by the extremist group IS headquarters in eastern Kunar province.
    The Pentagon said in a statement Friday that some of Daish's other militants were killed in the attack on July 11. The statement said that the attacks were carried out to prevent the spread of IS in Afghanistan. Earlier in April, Abu Saeed's successor Abdul Hasib was killed in an Afghan army expedition.
    However, the news of the death of Abu Sayeed is not yet confirmed by the IS.
    Pentagon spokesman Dana White said Abu Sayeed took over the responsibility of the head of the ISI's Afghan branch after the killing of his successor Abdul Haseeb in the 2006 assassination of IS leader Hafiz Saeed Khan and earlier in the Afghan military operation.
    IS has failed to expand the sanctuary in Afghanistan like Syria or Iraq. Taleban militant groups fighting in the country are fighting against IS. For this reason, it has become difficult for the group to keep its own controlled area.
    IS is believed to have a strong presence in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar and Nangarhar. -Perhaps Today

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