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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Travel restriction: US courts have extended the circumambulation range

    A court in Hawaii has further expanded the circumference of the trump administration's travel restrictions. As a result of this verdict, the restriction of trump administration will not last if grandparents, other relatives and other relatives living in the United States.
    Judge Derek Watson gave the verdict on Friday. He termed the sanctions guidelines as 'unauthorized' and said the ban was very narrowly explained to the Supreme Court ruling.
    It was said in the directive that the close relationship was meant to mean parents, husband or wife, child, daughter of a girl, son's wife and siblings. Do not include grandparents, grandparents, grandchildren, ancestors, maternal uncle, nephew-nieces, nephew-nephews, or other relatives of the family.
    Judge Watson said that the grandparents, grandparents, and family members among close family members can be understood only by common sense. Indeed, they are the best samples of close family members.
    In the beginning of March this year, the US President Donald Trump signed a new executive order by banning the entry of the United States for six days in six months. Previously, there were seven countries under the sanctions, but Iraq was excluded from the new one.
    Also 120 days restrictions were imposed for all refugees. It was said in the order that the order will be effective from March 16.
    The countries covered under the restriction of protecting America from terrorism are Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.
    After the suspension of a few rounds in June this year, the travel ban was approved by the Supreme Court. It is effective for tourists and refugees in 6 Muslim countries. It is said that there will be only relations with close relatives in the United States.
    The full ban is scheduled to be completed in October. - Channel I

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