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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    wife handed a gift to her to cut finger on love

    Long-time family feud was going on in Ahad-Lucky couple The two families tried to resolve several times. But the clash of Ahad-Lucky couple did not stop At one stage, according to the decision of the two families, a divorce between Ahad-Lucky couple was divorced. However, husband Ahad requested wife Lucky not to divorue. 
    Lucky Akter's wife did not cry after all. Ahad, however, showed interest in making a family again with Lucky despite not having a wife's heart. According to the same sources, both the families, including the couple, gathered at the local UP chairman's house to resolve the situation.
    But Lucky is unable to do the family. Aggrieved and angry at it, during the period of Ahad arbitrator, he entered the kitchen of the chairman's house at one go. And after cutting the finger of your hand with the kitchen stack, take a gift from your wife by hanging her and giving her a proof of love. 
    Even though the story sounds, the incident took place on Friday morning in Savar's Ashulia Shululia Union's Kalasutti village. Local UP chairman Azharul Islam Suruj confirmed the incident. 
    According to local sources, 7-8 days ago the couple got divorced. According to the pre-decision, on Friday morning, the people of both the parties were present in the house of local UP chairman Azharul Islam Suruj in Purub Kalsunti village in Ashulia to solve the situation arising.In the presence of both sides, husband Ahad lucky to show his interest in the family again. 
    At this time, Lucky was meant to start a new family again at the request of family members of Ahad. But his family, including Lucky, are firm on their decision. 
    Later, after talking to the people of both families, Husband Ahad gave a gift to prove his love for his wife by cutting a finger. Later, Ahad was sent to a local clinic for treatment. 
    It is known that, 10 years ago, the marriage of Ahad Mia of Latifpur village under Joydebpur Police Station in Gazipur, with Lucky, the daughter of Aanal Haque, in the Kotalasti area of ​​Ashulia. Since marriage, Ahad-Lucky couple had a quarrel with family issues. The couple has a 4-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter.

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