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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Studying in more than 100 educational institutions in Kurigram is closed

    Online education: Curriculum has been stopped in the educational institutions of Kurigram due to banana water. Almost 20,000 students of these institutions have become disturbed by the lack of education and also ending the annual curriculum. Locals complain that even though this situation arises every year, there is no initiative for permanent solution. After floods, the commitment to completing the curriculum with additional classes has been promised.
    Floods have increased due to the increase in water in 16 rivers including Brahmaputra, Dharla, Teesta and Dudhkumar. Because of this, 5 hundred and 41 villages were flooded due to two lakh people being affected by water disputes. In addition, the water of the water in the government primary schools in these areas has entered. As a result, their education has stopped.
    Parents of children who are not allowed to go to school due to the risk of going to school.
    With the reduction of flood water, readings will be taken on the holidays also, said the concerned people.
    According to Manik Chowdhury, the director of opinion livelihood, urgent urgent solution to this problem, as the education institutions are being affected every year due to flooding and education is hampered.
    The government primary schools in the district are 1, 2, 34. Of these, 1 hundred and 29 schools of the class were covered with floodplains in the square. Besides, five government primary schools were eroded by river erosion in the last few days

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