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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    Where is the light coming out of diamond?

    Thousands, millions of diamonds! His light goes out 
    But coming out of our blue planet from where the body phumre First available thikarono light of the diamonds? 
    From today 24 years ago, the rugged diamond saw the light of the first saw Carl Sagan saw the first light But the mystery of this ghostly light could not be penetrated so long. Not known, it is not understood, where is it coming from the world? 
    From the sea? From the peaks of high mountain peaks? Or thikarono light coming out of the diamonds on the surface a lot of atmosphere lerai an unknown, From strangers? 
    A few days ago the secret of this ghostly light, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration under NASA's (NOAA) satellite was of "Deep Space Climate Observatory (Discovery). The sub-planet was sent to space in 2015. Sub-planet sending pictures and data analysis ultimately were reported, the surface lot on the atmosphere of much of the upper-level clouds hovering over very shiny ice kelasai on the sunlight rejected (reflection) of the diamonds thikarono "spooky" light coming out of the World 'Blown'! If you look from the sky, it seems impossible. The study paper has been published on May 15 of the International Journal of Geophysical Research Letters. 
    The spectacular light
    satellite 'Discovered' from the spacecraft has been watching the clock for an hour every hour since 2015. The spooky light has been found. From the different positions between the Earth and the Sun. 
    The spectacular light first saw the 'Galileo' spacecraft in 1993. His destination was the orbit of Jupiter. On the way, he turned his eyes towards this blue planet several times. And then, Galileo was caught in the eye of the scurry of diamond, the light of the right. In his research article, published in the International Science-Journal 'Nature', in the 93th chapter of the study, Carl Sagan wrote, "From the place that the light is coming out, It is in the blue sea. The water is like a mirror, the light is giving way. 
    The light is not coming out of the Earth's surface. " At the same time, it seemed like the same 'Discovery' satellite deputy projectist Alexander Martyr. 
    In reply to an email sent by Anandabazar, Marakh wrote in an e-mail, "I first thought that the light was coming out of the blue sea level. In front of the satellite camera, the light is becoming the light of 'flash bulbs'! But after examining the pictures of satellites better, I see that the sea is not only from the surface, but also from the surface of the earth. " 
    So Merkhar felt that perhaps the light from the sun's light was reflected in the way. But if that happens then it is possible to get out of the little space of the world in the light of the light. 
    However, 'Discover' satellites have seen, That light is coming out of various parts of the world. Occasionally coming, not so. The 'Discover' satellite has seen it at least 866 times a year. 
    There is no huge lake spread everywhere in all parts of the world. Where is the light coming out of the bar in such a way? 
    Then the question comes to the researchers. What is the glow of ice in the atmosphere? 
    The light of the diamond! 
    Dhubjyoti Mukhopadhyay, Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Maryland, one of the members of the 'Discovery' project, says, "It can only be possible, If the angular position between the Earth and the Sun becomes equally equal, the Earth and the angular position between the 'Discovery' satellite camera. The only way to get rid of ice clutches in the atmosphere is to go directly to the satellite. 
    And then it can be seen that the light of the diamond is right! " After all, researchers from all over the mepopup saw, right in the clock. 
    The angle between the earth and the sun, and the angle between the earth and the satellite's camera is completely aligned, only then can it be seen coming out of the earth that cunning light? 
    Vishnu Reddy, professor of astronomy at the Colonel University, says, "Researchers have also found that whenever the diamonds from the earth have been exposed to the light in the right direction, then the surface has been thin, 
    The high altitude cloud is clouded by the atmosphere at the outer layer of the troposphere of the area. " Scientists had already known that Cyrus scattered almost everywhere in the cloud, large, large ice celestial crystals. From this, scientists can understand that the color of the ice is coming out of the blackness of ice, they are not coming from the mountain peaks in the ice. They also include the Cyrus Cloudide, which is completely out of the troposphere. 
    The original researcher Alexander Merchak says, "We also understand that the ice castle in the state of Cyrus Cloud is in parallel to the soil or the surface of the Earth. They are not vertical or vertical. Because, If there is parallel to the ground, the sunlight will be more likely to reflect the light of the ice kelassas. 
    To get a lot more reflected, the sunlight will get more space on the ice capsules . "The ice kelasses were steeped in the trunk of the airplane while they sat on the trumposphere and did not get enough chance to reflect on it. As a result, the light from the sky did not require much magic. 

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