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    Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    Tamim returning to the country!

    Tamim iqbal was returning home from the restaurant after eating his supper on Thursday night, Tamim Iqbal returned home from the restaurant. Just then some of them chased them. They are survived by running safely. After the incident, Tamim got the plane from London to wife and son on the same night. Although Essex is going to play 8-9 matches at the NatWest Twenty Blast, Bangladesh's left-hander will return only one match.
    Tamim went to England on July 7 with wife Ayesha Siddika and son Arham Iqbal Khan. It was supposed to return home earlier this month. He rented a house for a month in London to stay with the family. The incident happened in London where the incident happened, but no one can specify it, but many sources of BCB confirmed the Prothom-alo .
    A board director, who was reluctant to reveal the name, said, "Some people chased away Tamim and his family. They did not run because they ran into safe harbors. After this incident, Tamim decided to come to the country. He was also told that the attackers had acids. BCB's responsible official said, "Tamim's wife used to wear hijab on her head. Maybe that's why they have been targeted. ' Tamim could not be found contacting the mobile phone to know about it
    Earlier in the afternoon, county club Essex said in a statement on their website, leaving Tamim because of 'personal' leaving the club. In the statement, the English county club further wrote, 'We wish him good luck. We would be happy to honor Tamim's personal life at this time. "
    Tamim's elder brother Nafis Iqbal and uncle Akram Khan did not want to comment on what was the 'personal' reason behind returning home. Both of the first light in the mobile phone said that Tamim himself came back and told the reason. BCB Chief Executive Officer Nizam Uddin Chowdhury did not want to comment on this.
    For a while, who is throwing acid on people of different castes and color of the streets of England? According to a BBC report, on June 21, this attack occurred on both the people of East London's Bekton by the name of Resham Khan and Jamil Muktar. Apart from this, the incident of other attacks, including driving cars on the road, is happening. According to Tamim's closest sources, he was worried about this before going to England.
    Tamim Iqbal's next match against Somerset against NatWest Twenty20 will be played tomorrow. He played seven-wicket haul against Essex in the same match on Sunday, with 7 fours and a six.

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