Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chinese warship in Hong Kong waterfalls

China's militant carrier CNS Liaoning reached the waterway in Hong Kong. This is the first trip to the warship outside China's mainland.
The 20th anniversary of transfer of Hong Kong to China from the UK was July 1. After that anniversary, the Chinese carrier made the first journey outside the country.
Chinese President Xi Jin Ping visited the country on the anniversary of handing over to Hong Kong. During the visit, Jean Ping faced the resistance of China. At that time, he warned the protesters that no conspiracy against China will be tolerated.
There has been a kind of unrest in Hong Kong politics for a few years. Many of the country's citizens want to be free from China's influence. Many of the voices of freedom
Many people see the presence of the warship in Hong Kong waterspace as a demonstration of power in China. But many Hong Kong residents have set up a free ticket line for the ride on this warship.
There are three other carriages with CNS Liaoning. It can stay in Hong Kong's Tsing-e port for five days. - NTV

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