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    Friday, July 14, 2017

    Curse of '9'

    Alexandre Lacajet in Arsenal with a lot of expectations. Photo: Collected

    Alexandr Lacajet is just about to get a hangover. The club still did not have the foot, but now the pressure of so much hope! How to cope?
    This season, French club Lian has brought club records to Lacquet in 60 million Euros. There will be more hope for the price because of the 26 year old French striker. But if this was the only pressure! There is more pressure on Arsenal 9 jerky curse!
    After joining the club, number 9 was given to Lacquet. This zerchity is the root of the tragedy. Before that, in the recent past, after the number 9 jersey of Arsenal, after the Premier League, anyone who names the name? Can not help. Apart from Lucas Podolski, Arsenal could not score 10 goals in any 'Nine Nine' season in the last 18 seasons.
    At the end of the 1998-99 season, Nicholas Anelka joined Arsenal, joining Real Madrid, with Arsenal's 9th jersey as well. Anselka, who scored 17 goals in that season, won the Arsenal Sevilla League. Then Derver Sukker, José Antonio Reyes, Eduardo ... no one could have given Arsenal 9 to the jersey. In all 18 of these 18 goals scored only 57! Of course, the number of '9' number of jerseys has been better than a number of '14 'for a few years, one-Thieri Henry! Twice also won the league.
    Henry, Anelka ... these names will surely assure Lacquet that Lacajet Both of them are French! Since the arrival of Ansela, there is no French in Arsenal's list of '9' jerseys per season league performance list.
    Who knows, again a French striker might write a new history. At least Arsenal fans have no reason to expect it. GoldTom

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