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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Four-quarters of London's ice dropped

    The scene of frozen ice breaks Photo: AFP

    UK's capital of London is about four times the size of a large magnificent ice dropped from the icecream in Antarctica. The huge glacier glacier slowly melts into the Waddell Sea. According to a report from The Independent, British newspaper, the fragmentation of the ice was captured in the satellites.
    The huge size of this ice is separated from Antarctica Larsen C Ice Shelf. Its area is about 5 thousand 800 square kilometers. The weight of the ice is approximately one trillion tons. This is the biggest ice-cream crackdown ever, says scientists.
    A satellite image of NASA, NASA's Space Research Organization, shows that the vast ice from Antarctica's main ice-shell is going to be different. However, due to the ocean currents or air it can melt.
    Scientists at the website of Project Mindus, an anchor of Antarctica, say that a huge trunk of a trillion-weight glacier is separated from 'Larsen C Ice Shelf'. On Monday (July 10th) today, the ice cracks cracked on Wednesday (July 12th).
    Experts say that the glaciers have been broken due to climate change, they have not yet been able to prove it.
    Anna Hog, Leeds University expert, said, "In recent times it is a big event. The glacier will not break the surface of the ocean. He said, 17 years ago, in 2000, the glacier (whose name is A-68), more than twice the size of the glacier (B-15) was broken in Antarctica. B-15 was broken by the Antarctic Ross ice shelf. But glacier 'A-68', which started breaking today, one of the 10 largest glaciers in Antarctica.
    Media reports said that the magnitude of the glacier that separated from Antarctica's iceberg was about four times the size of London or Wales in the UK. The glacier is roughly equivalent to the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean Islands. The Europe of Luxembourg doubles in Luxembourg And 32 times larger than the City of Calcutta in West Bengal.

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