Saturday, July 15, 2017

Big investment in artificial intelligence, Taiwan

Taiwan government is going to invest a lot in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
The country has plans to spend $ 32.73 million per year in the AI ​​research center for five years, according to Reuters reports.
It is believed that Taiwan is keen to bring technology institutions to the developed sector through this investment.
In this regard, the country's science and technology minister Liang-chi Chen said, "Ai is important in Taiwan for semiconductor organization. Now they have the opportunity to enter the AI ​​world and Taiwan will have to use that opportunity only. "
Already Chinese companies such as Baidu have invested in AI applications. In the future, Taiwan will be supplying technology to such organizations.
The report also says Taiwan will create three to four innovations. They also have the desire to work with local and domestic technology organizations. There are also Nvidia corporations in Taiwan's preferred list. An Nvidia is one of the leading companies in the production of AI chips.
This investment in the AI ​​sector will attract foreign meritorious researchers and engineers also said Chen-bdnews

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