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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Will change the game?

    North Korean state television publishes this Tuesday's missile test. Photo:

    A tweet of Donald Trump has proved to be unsubstantiated that with a lot of confidence in volcanic past a few months ago, North Korea has proved futile.
    Pyongyang announced Tuesday the successful test of intercontinental missile (ICBM) on Tuesday.
    North Korea said that Hoosong-14 missile rises to 2,802 kilometers above sea level. Before reaching the sea, it crossed 933 kilometers. Walk around 37 minutes. 

    After the scrutiny, the United States also confirmed that North Korea has tested ICBM.
    Experts say the missile is capable of hitting the United States of Alaska. The game can change in this incident.
    There is nothing new about North Korean military capability. But this time the missile test is different. According to John Nilsson-Wright, senior researcher of Chatham House, London based think-tank, this test is sure to turn the game into both meaning symbolic and practical ways.
    Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader after the successful missile test. 
    claim, the US territories are now in Pyongyang's goal. And for the first time, a US president acknowledged that North Korea is not a real threat to North-East Asia and America's allies, but also threats to Washington.
    Former British military officer Hamish de Briton-Gordon appears to be making Pyongyang progress every week to build nuclear and missile. He called North Korea's last missile as a 'game-changer'.
    As North Korea progresses, New York-Washington access to Alaskar after the Alaskar will also undoubtedly fear that this country will not be impossible. Mathew Croning, a Georgetown University teacher, believes that Pyongyang is trying to build nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States. 

    In response to North Korea's "reckless" nuclear program, in April, Trump had announced to send US aircraft carrier to the Korean peninsula in order to put pressure on the country. But he was embarrassed after the next incident.
    Trump has failed to stop North Korea through China. China has taken responsibility for the bomb blast in response to the missile test. The same way passenger Russia
    US President Donald Trump gets angry over North Korean missile test Photo: Reuters
    Finally, after the last missile test, the United States threatened to use military power against North Korea if needed.
    There may be temporary success in military action. But its results are not good. The long-term, sustainable and corrective techniques needed to deal with Pyongyang will have an intelligent work for Washington.
    Saiful Sameen on BBC, Reuters and Telegraph

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