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    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    Rio wants to learn from Marcelo

    Tio Ernrandz is looking forward to the new challenge after the completion of all the process of joining Real Madrid. The French Defenders want to learn from Marcelo's 'Ideal' Marcelo in Santiago Bernabeu.

    Atl├ętico joined Rio on a six-year contract without leaving Madrid. According to media reports, the 19-year-old player has won two million and four million Euro La Liga champions.

    On Monday, San Bernardo was officially presented to club fans. Tio said there was a reason for the opportunity to learn from Brazil's Marcelo to come to her real estate.

    "He is the best wing-back in the world. I will work hard and follow his path. "

    "All players will work as a role model because they all have experience. What I would do is follow Marcelo's path and I will try to improve from day to day. He is my ideal because in the future, I also want to be the world's best wing-back. "
    Atl├ętico's center-back Luca Ernandez's younger brother Tio took a look at Alvavese in the Copa del Rey final last season.
    All competitions were held in Alvases last season, 38 games in the match, Ti joined Atletico Academy at the age of 11. However, the club did not play in a competitive match.

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