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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    The free woman is now part of the world heritage

    Holy Temple of the island of Taiša Okatsumaia religious place. Photo: AFP:

    Japan's Okinoshima Island is a woman who is free, many of them may know. This island is no longer a part of world heritage. UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, announced on Sunday it was part of World Heritage.
    Only men can enter this island in the southwestern Japan. No woman is allowed to enter here. Originally it was claimed due to 'sanctity'.
    On this island of Japan, rich in eye-opulent natural decoration, Munakata is a religious place named Taisha Okitsumaia, which was made in honor of the sea goddess in the seventeenth century. It was established for the safety of the ship sailors. Various types of festivals are celebrated for the safe journey of the ship. Only men can participate in this event. There is no woman in the interest of 'sanctity' of prayer.
    There are many more restrictions on this island. Before walking on the island, the whole body has to be cleaned according to specific rules. Details of the interior of the island can never be told to anyone. Visitors can not even come out with a memorial from there. Visitors are welcomed on 27th of every year on the island. On that day only 200 visitors to the island can go; And of course they all are male.
    Source: BBC Online.

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