Friday, July 14, 2017

The world's 'smallest' phone market!

India, the world's smallest mobile phone market, the demand for e-commerce sites on iyaraha. This phone size is not bigger than credit cards.
This information was reported in NDTV Online report. On Thursday, this phone was officially released on the market. 

The company says Elari NanoPhone C is the world's smallest GSM mobile phone. Its size is not bigger than credit cards. 

In India, the price of mobile phone has been kept at Rs 3,940.
Black, bright pink, and silver-colored mobile phone is available in three.
The mobile phone weighs 30 grams Dual SIM phones have a 280-millimeter-hour battery, which will give you four-hour talktime. And give up the standby time for four days. On the phone there are various facilities including MP Three Player, FM Radio, Voice Recording, Blue Tooth.

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