Saturday, July 15, 2017

North Korea has a lot of material to build nuclear bombs

The US has made a think tank claiming that it is much more than what it was thought to be, after the nuclear-bomb material created by North Korea. The claim was made on the basis of the thermal images of the country's main nuclear plant from artificial satellite.
Analysts in 38-Northwestern Northwestern Surveyor Project, claim that Washington-based North Korea. Photographic images of radioactive chemical laboratory at Yongbian's nuclear plant were taken from the satellite. The photographs were taken from September to June this year.
According to this, it is claimed that more plutonium may have been processed than previously thought. It can be used as a fuel for nuclear bombs, processed plutonium.
Also, the activities of the centiffs in the country's atomic center are ongoing. The country's rich uranium reserves increased. It may also be one of the sources of nuclear bomb.
It has been found that the country's experimental light water nuclear reactor has a short time of activity. There has also been a renewed concern.-Perce Today

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