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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Messi's legs can not be seen in the previous round!

    Messi's role can change in XI. Filed in

    Europe's 'gold shoes' has been Messi's legs. Lionel Messi became the top goal scorer for Spain after 37 years of rival Ronaldo and teammate Suarez. Messi is not the newest goal scorer But there is a regular celebration of Messi can be seen in the glance? This question is going on. Because Messi's role can be changed under the new coach. Messi wants to see Arnesto Valverde or midfield as his main role.
    The indication was matched last season. After losing 4-0 to Paris Saint-Germain, coach Luis Enrique, who had moved to Barcelona 3-4-3 form from the highly-anticipated 4-3-3 format, Rafinha was played in the right wing, bringing Messi to the attacking midfield. With the PSG in Nau Camp, the gambling was great. In the middle of the day, keeping the PSG busy with Messi, and on that occasion, Neymar in the wings and Suarez destroyed in front of that day. Barcelona reached the quarter-finals with an unforgettable win in the 6-1 goal. 

    New season has started, Enrique has also departed. The Catalan team has understood the responsibility of the club. Barça wants to play in the new coach or 3-4-3 format. Former bilboo coaches or Messi wants to play as playmaker, not on wings, but as a playmaker. Such thinking is not stuck in the buzz, PK itself has accepted.
    In a ceremony at the sponsor of the Barça sponsors, he spoke with Football-based blog site Goal. PK said, "We all are aging and our physical strength is decreasing. It is all about players. Some feel it more, someone less But we are adjusting with it, changing the style of the game. "
    Cristiano Ronaldo showed last year about the change in style of age with Cristiano Ronaldo He has rarely seen him running the dust wings as he did before. The opposite of the opposite d-box has more. Zinedine Zidane has had the highest chance of winning the league and the Champions League Twenty20 after 59 years, Real Madrid has won.
    Barcelona, ​​like Messi, wants to start the era of such successes. But where Ronaldo is being gradually made number nine, Messi is sending it to the midfield. Messi, the number 10, will now play in the 'Perfect Ten' position of the team. It may have been Barcelona's profit, but Messi's goals will be reduced, it is sure. Source: Goldtok.
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