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    Saturday, July 15, 2017

    'RanmaSware', 'Wanakrai'

    the world's 150 countries and nearly two lakh people in the name of the organization oyanakrai computer hacker with a virus attack - What is it actually?
    Oneacre is a malware - a harmful software that can be encrypted or stored on a computer by 'encrypting' or 'stops it.' It's like this - like entering a house, another person broke all the lock-keys and put a new lock key.
    The original user of the computer will not be able to access it anywhere on his computer. Hackers demand money as a kind of 'ransom' to restore that access. That's why it says 'ransomware.'
    But how was this oneakray? It is said to be spread through a kind of computer brother Rashar, known as 'worm'.
    The difference with other software is that it itself can move itself into a network itself. Once Wanakra enters an organization, it automatically detects unprotected computers and transmits it.
    'US Yoga'
    It is believed that it was made by utilizing a virus found in the United States National Security Agency.
    Somehow the virus was leaked information. After that some experts said that this information leak will soon be detected by 'automatic' Ranma virus.
    The incident occurred around the world after a cyber attack.
    Who made it?
    Wanakra has made someone still nobody knows. However, various types of ransomware are popular among cyber-criminals and information-thieves - which can be used to capture money by stopping computer data.

    It deals with Bitcoin - because it is very difficult to find out who is giving money to anyone, because of this.
    The cyber criminals have intense competition in how these ransomware can be 'advanced' and effective. In this 'research' someone created this new malware.
    It is possible to prevent anti-virus software, but no security is 100 percent safe. - BBC Bangla

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