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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Two million rupees in the Shishikala special kitchen!

    Tamil Nadu's ruling party, AIADMK chief VK Shashikala, is facing four years of imprisonment for acquiring unnatural wealth. He was kept in the Central Prison in the capital of Karnataka's capital. According to a police report, he is getting special privileges in the prison for two crores rupees. As part of this facility, a special kitchen has been set up in jail for violating the rules.
    According to an NDTV news report, a senior prison official named D Rupa has published this information in a report. De Roopa told his senior official that who was involved in the dissolution of the rule. In his report, it has been said that the Supreme Court has sentenced Shashikala to four years in jail for corruption. But rumors have spread in jail that those who have been given two crores of rupees for giving special privileges to Shishikas. State prison director general HN Satyanarayan Rao also got the benefit.
    Rupa sent her report to the Central Jail. It is not clear whether the police chief of the state has sent any copies of it to other top officials. Only a few weeks ago, the officer who joined DIG as a DIG informed the details of his report on Monday. In the report, he told his boss HN Rao, "You (HN Rao) are informed about it (special kitchen) despite being informed. It is learned that two crore rupees have been bribe to give this opportunity and the complaint involving your name is unfortunate ... but the guilty officer should be punished.
    Satyanarayan Rao told NDTV, he still did not receive the report. He claimed that these allegations seem to be false and baseless. 

    However, the authenticity of the findings of the NDTV is matched. These events are not the first or the Shishikala alone are beneficiaries. There were complaints about such facilities earlier.

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