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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    Making Gardening control of mosquitoes?

    They stopped the supply of mosquito nets by removing the flowers in the garden. In this, the ability of the organism to spread the germination decreased significantly.
    Local and foreign researchers applied this technique in 9 villages of Mali's Banadiagara district in West Africa, experimenting with the technique, many female mosquitoes died when flowers were removed from a common bushes. This adult mosquito spreads malaria germs. If there is no flower in the garden, the mosquito's flock dies in starvation due to lack of honey.
    If the adult woman killed the mosquito, then the cycle of malaria spreads back. Anopheles National Female Mosquitoes carry malaria parasites in their salivary glands and spread the germs while biting people. Another female mosquito is also bitten by the affected person. But newly infected mosquitoes take 10 days to be able to infect people. The time is too long for them, enough for the aged. During this time, the rate of germs decreased when they died due to food crisis.
    Along with local experts in Banadiyagraha, Israel's Hebrew University of Hadasah Medical School and experts from the University of Miami's University of Miami try to keep the gardens test, whether the local mosquitoes die if the flowers are removed from the garden. A research report on this has been published in the journal Malaria Research .
    Joe Lions, professor of malaria control at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that the new strategy is dangerously high. It is more effective than other strategies to combat malaria. The initiative of suppressing mosquitoes in such a way, without any application of pesticides or medicines, is commendable. But in many tropical areas where there is a lack of honey plants, this strategy can be ineffective.

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