Thursday, July 13, 2017

VVIP tree

In India, a tree maintenance cost of Rs 1.2 million annually
According to the NDTV Online report, the controversial 'People's Tree' is India's first VVIP tree.
The tree is situated in Salmatpur of Madhya Pradesh. To save the tree, the state government has counted Rs 1.2 million per year.
The UNESCO-declared world heritage is about five kilometers away from the Sanchi Buddhist Complex. The tree has already grown.
Four guards guard the tree by fleeing. They also gave water to the trees.
A guardian named Parameshwar Tiwari said that he has been holding the job since September 2012.
Sub-divisional magistrate Varun Awasti said four guards were given to provide protection and water for the trees.
Five years ago, the then president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Raja planted the tree. He brought the 'holy' tree from his homeland.
There are iron fences around the VVIP tree. There are tanks for watering the trees. Apart from this, a botanist from the state's agricultural department visited the plant every week.
In the middle of last month, 51 farmers committed suicide due to lack of debt. In this situation, criticism is being spent on spending so much money behind a tree.

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