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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    85 year old old man!

    Recovered arms, shells and doves Photo: DMP News.

    Tuesday at 11pm Fifty to six gunshots occurred in the ground floor of the house at the Rampura Police Station, 199 / A, on the lower house of Ullan road.
    Rampura Thana Officer-in-charge (OC) patrol team along with the team reached the spot immediately to verify the incident. They came to know that the owner of the house, SM Abdur Rahman, 85, shot five to six gunshots from his licensed revolver. SM Abdur Rahman is a retired member of Air Force. The owner of the island Dipti Laundry and Saloon owner Narayan Chandra Das (47), a hired farmer on the west side of a saint's house, takes the skin behind the right shoulder. He was injured in this.
    SM Abdur Rahman. Photo: DMP News.
    Immediately, the police, Abdur Rahman's wife and other relatives asked him to come out with various tricks, he shot once more along the door. He went through the door and passed by his wife's throat. In this, the wife is slightly injured.
    Then the police and others, along with others, move away safely. Later, senior officials of the Motijheel division of DMP observed the whole thing on the spot.
    SM Abdur Rahman Narayan Chandra Das used to feed every day with one thousand rupees. Despite diabetes, there was no rule of eating food. On the day of the incident, the retired Air Force members demanded one thousand rupees from Narayana on the phone. Narayan said, 
    Considering the change in the condition of SM Abdur Rahman and the overall situation, the police stopped the rescue operation and kept observing his activities. This is how a day is cut. The next day, on Wednesday at 12:30 pm, Abdur Rahman started sharpening the door and started screaming. At one stage, when he was tired of a little, he was sitting on a chair with sharp hands, the police broke into the plywood on the west side and caught him in. Police took away the hand and took revolver custody. 
    SM Abdur Rahman's revolver was examined, 
    Rampura police station has also arranged treatment for injured people. However, the 85-year-old man's activities have not yet been explained. Source: DMP New

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