Tuesday, July 18, 2017

43 engineers killed in the mine blast in Libya

At least 43 engineers were killed and 27 wounded in the land mine blast in Libya's eastern Benghazi city. Libyan military spokesman Al Awami said in a statement yesterday (Monday) confirmed the news. 

According to Libyan news agency Lana, 19 civilians were killed in Benghazi mine blast in the last 10 days as well as 19 people. Military and civilians are being killed in a mine explosion to get terrorists. He said that most of the people killed in mine blasts in Benghazi on the Darnah road are traders and shop owners. 

Al-Awami warned civilians of Al Hut market area to return to their homes, saying that no one should be allowed to return home until the area is declared unclaimed. 

-IRIB News Now / SAMM

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